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Having trouble viewing fields in KSE

Hey, I'm having trouble with KSE.

I'm using CrossOver on a MacBook Pro and was able to get KSE running. At first I had some trouble with 'bottles' in CrossOver and suspect this may be part of my current problem. Initially I had no bottles so I created a new one and made it the default bottle. I'm not sure if this is the proper procedure for running KSE with CrossOver. However, as I mentioned, KSE is running - just with some hiccups.

My actual problem, and reason for posting, is that within KSE I am unable to view many fields. I can change stats and credits and a few other things. The feats of my PC and NPCs are the fields that I cannot view or change. I can expand the 'Feats' field but I cannot see any of my current feats or add any new ones. Similarly I cannot change force powers.

Any ideas?

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