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Whether I'm in Australia or from the US, the fact is that the only times I and most other people will be able to play during most of the year is on the weekends.

Flashpoints are an easy deal since it's a 4 player only type thing. You can take your friends and guild members or just random people in there with you pretty easily.

Operations on the other hand will require a lot more organisation, time and preparation and will need to be scheduled. This isn't going to be a problem if we schedule them in advance and do them on a weekend date.

Also, right now I'm still in Uni so I have huge breaks during mid-year and at the start/end of the year between semesters and a week during the middle of semesters I can exploit. Also, once I graduate and become a teacher I'll have the school break periods to exploit too

We'll find a way to work things out, don't worry. I won't be heading back to school until the start of March so there's plenty of time for me to support others during flashpoints for quite awhile. |

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