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@ Zakhodit: Actually I'm really new to MMO's, it just wasn't very clear in your post why folks would take this method during the origin world part. But I do understand now after thinking about it that this method is a good way to get as much early crafting experience as possible. Once I got that it actually made quite a bit of sense actually.

Also, you shouldn't worry about the replies, we were just trying to figure out where you were coming from with your method... at least I was.

EDIT: Okay I've spent a little time thinking about this.

So, I'm playing the game using your suggested way of playing through the origin world, Zakhoditt. I'm only doing the class quest and making sure not to do any of the other quests (as possible) so I can get my companion and get off planet. Let's say I'm playing the Trooper and I get Mr. Cat (Aric Jorgan) as my companion and head off to the fleet station to finally get my crew skills.

Once I do this, I go back to Ord Mantell, my origin world, with my companion and my new crew skills and go through the missions left on the planet. However, now, because I have the companion and crew skills I am able to send Mr. Cat on missions... let's say Underworld Trading so he can gather up materials and gift items as well as level up the Underworld Trading (and possibly one of the crafting skills like Armourtech) as early as possible.

That actually makes a lot of sense. I'm levelling up my crew skills as early as possible and am potentially gaining affection from Mr. Cat from giving him gifts he brings back from Underworld Trading which will make him an overall more effective companion character earlier on.

Am I getting it right? |

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