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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Am I getting it right?
That is excatly the idea.

For a new player, you are already immersed into the benefits of the game, I.E. Having a companion, crafting, yadda yadda. IF you run into a tough mission you can keep your companion at your side, but since most quests on the starter world are desiged to be taken sans NPC help, that should be rare.

For an experiecned player, he may actually be able to knock out all the missions on the starter world and get into space with no need to get back. OR he can get a jump on the Crew Skills. Honestly, I'm not sure how much of a jump it really is, maybe not worth the back track for some.

Either way, the important thing is to remember that if you do it for too long, you end up in a world of hurt since you will be way behind on levels. I think DarthParametric and Tommycat intuitively saw the danger in such a path and focused on discouraging players from doing that, which I understand.

I tried it with my Imp Agent and I was struggling with things the moment I hit level 11. I wanted to see how long the ride would last. With my Smuggler, I went right back to Ord Mandell and it was smooth sailing the whole way.

What I should do is re-write the OP so that it is more clear one what it's for, when and where it works and why. I don't want someone to end up in a mess because I tried to offer unclear and confusing advice.
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