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update- Last time I was doing a backhand style. That has given way to my current project- getting animations into the game without replacing them. I have been successful. By injecting lines into animation.2da and dialoganimations.2da I have managed to create new animations without replacing old ones. This of course is in ether late alpha or early beta stage. Unfortunately the ends of my finales are coming soon and that means I'll be playing skyrim and will have no time to dedicate to this project. Still I believe I have 98% of the steps down right. for the last few steps I'll need some scripting help. Right now I can inject new animations to any party member and maybe to the pc. I haven't tried with the pc yet as I am experiencing some problems with that. However that does not mean it can't be done. I have changed my pc's appearance to darth revan and the animations won't hold. It just occurred to me that if I add new animations to the main supermodel it should show on the pc regardless of outfit. Soooo.....I am going now to check that out.

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