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Originally Posted by DarthJango/Weasley View Post
But in one of the packs you get a twilek dancer who is basicly a pole dancer
Go to the tor page with the things liek collecters standered and that is a feature. I meen, who would be happy if there kids were looking at a galactic slut.
T for Teen for a reason, so it's bound to be mild compared to real life...or at least compared to hentai and renderotica. At 13 I'd think most kids have an idea of what a pole dancer is/does anyways, even if they aren't fully aware of just what that would actually entail IRL.

Besides, most parents aren't going to shell out $150 for the collector's edition anyways just so their kid can spoil itself online--nor would they condone their minor spending so much chore money on one game.

Though I sure wish commercials of medicines and products relating to sexual intimacy weren't broadcast *right at dinner*--I'll never forget christmas last year at my neighbors' house, and their 8 year old son asked about erectile dysfunction and cervical incompetence. It was funny, but at the same time...

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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