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Many familiar faces here Hi all...

I'm Ztalker (or Z), and have been a member of these forums since they started providing excellent guides and mod for Kotor 1 and 2, two of my favorite games. When I found out about the fanfic forums I was sold permanently...

Now several years later, I'm almost graduated as a teacher, am much more grown up since I joined this forum, but not grown up enough to stop gaming

My gaming experience is extremely varied. From my old gameboy, to Sega Megadrive, Gamcube to PS3 and PC, I've played all and can beat my friend in Fifa on the X-box and PS3 equally easy (although I suck online). I've played WoW and Guild Wars and I'm pretty competent with MMO's, RPG's and shooters.

My hobbies include football, not the wussy American type, movies and going out. The last is especially good over here, with Heineken, Grolsch and all that...

You'll have to forgive me for being European and a Dutchman. I will accept jokes on my behalf.

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