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Originally Posted by Drunkside View Post
There just is nothing happening in the world when Im not around, and that kinda takes away from the immersion.
Very much this. Skyrim feels too player-centric. Understood that the player is the centre of attraction, being the Dovahkiin and all, but the world as a whole feels absolutely lifeless. I've finished 4-5 story quests by now and nothing in the world's plotline has advanced at all, everything in this game just remains static.

I've heard nothing about the war between the Stormcloaks and the Empire since leaving Helgen. I hear nothing about what the Jarls think of each other, where the battlelines are and who is siding with who. The quests are amazingly trivial town affairs (boohoo I lost my sword, boohoo I need a courier, boohoo X did me wrong so I want him dead).

Apart from two (counted) people near the Helgen pass, I haven't seen anyone on the roads. Don't people in Skyrim get around for business or something? People has a whole seem incredibly laidback considering how much they keep talking about the war and the dragon resurgence.

The 'city' of Whiterun is barely a town in size and if I'm not mistaken, even smaller than Morrowind's unassuming Balmora. Vivec is what you call a goddamn city. The villages of Skyrim are pitifully poor as well and hold little to nothing of interest.

I'm coming to view Skyrim as little more than a glorified first-person dungeon crawler at this rate.

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