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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Do not take this as an Attack on Morrowind, it is not.

Are you sure you are not judging vanilla Skyrim against a Morrowind full of mods? I seem to remember Barmora being being pretty bland before Balmora Expansion and about 50 other mods.
Originally Posted by Sabretooth
I never played Morrowind with mods, so I'm pretty sure.
Really? Because vanilla Morrowind doesn't have travelers walking the roads either. It wasn't until the mods gave life to the Morrowind world that it became what nostalgia makes it to be. Morrowind Comes Alive was one of the biggest breakthroughs for it.

The Water Life mod was another. Vanilla Morrowind swimming was a death wish in the form of slaughterfish swarms (though at least you could fight).

Morrowind's quests were nothing but fetch quests, cave clearing or escort jobs. Pretty sure nostalgia is blurring many views nowadays.

Don't get me wrong.. I absolutely LOVE Morrowind... modded. To the gills. Otherwise it's pretty much what Oblivion and Skyrim (vanilla) is. Just more reading and paying attention since it doesn't hold your hand for quests. That's really the only difference

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