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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
My contention with Skyrim is that, while good, it fails to meet the high water mark set by Morrowind and utterly fails to dovetail with any of the other quest lines.
I really like The Companions and The College of Winterhold quest lines in Skyrim. My only complaint is both are way too short and have the depth of a fish bowl. Both stories had so much wasted potential. However in other places Skyrim seems to paint a vibrant view of life in a harsh magical environment. There was a time wondering though a cave reading journals that I was reminded about one of my favorite quest lines from Fallout: New Vegas (Randall Clark’s computer journals as the Survivalist). Although the Skyrim’s equivalent is both way darker and (of course)shorter dealing with a necromancer necrophiliac and the journals deal with his little experiments.
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