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Fire Company (The Fatman Server) (PvP)



Guild Master: Leader-of-Light

Squad Leaders: Malenovolence, NJJEDI, War-Eagle

Voice: TeamSpeak3

Main Time Zone: North America, Europe

Server: The Fatman (PvP)

Guild Video:

Hello, we are Fire Company, a tightly knit group of individuals for fight for liberty, democracy, and the Republic! We are the largest guild in the Fatman Server and have more members who have not even joined in game. We are openly recruiting mature acting players who would like to have a great experience in PvP, coupled with great camaraderie. There is great opportunity for leadership, as we have a tiered ranking system. Your ability and perseverance will be rewarded! So if you want to have a great time with the best guild around, head over to the Republic Fleet and enlist in the Fire Company!

I again urge you to check out our website and apply!

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