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TOR ate my KotOR
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Why does ever Jarl’s steward seem to ask me to go kill a giant? I could understand maybe if the giant was camped near the gates of the city, but why send my PC halfway across Skyrim to kill one. I haven’t really noticed giants attacking my charter or anyone else unless we get to close. Hell giants are probably only skittish about people getting to close to them because Jarls keep sending people to kill them.

Dragons are attacking the citizens of Skyrim, but do the Jarls request that I deal with that? No, but there is this giant 50 miles to the NW over 3 mountain and 2 rivers behind a wall of stone that can only be accessed on the completely other side of the mountain range. If this giant was to attack, he could choice 8 other towns and settlements before it ever got to us, but that is the giant I want dead.

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