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Light Side vs Dark Side Pts

Has anyone heard whether or not walking the "gray path" will be a worthwhile option? Throughout my play yesterday I remained mostly neutral, with some light side choices and some dark side choices. I prefer playing this way, as it generally reflects what I would really do in any given situation. However, after I read the following I'm worried that I'm limiting myself by not going all light or all dark.

"I would, for example, save a group of engineers from their death in the black vacuum of space, and then 45 minutes later condemn an otherwise friendly political figure to a sure death at the hands of the Sith.

I was extremely successful. By the time my Knight had acquired his starship I had exactly 1000 Light side points and 1000 Dark side points, leaving me perfectly centered, perfectly grey. But this was to my detriment. In Coruscant I first began to see powerful new items that would greatly benefit my character, but I could use none of them. They all had alignment requirements — “Lightside I” or “Darkside II.” There were no items built with a condition of neutrality. In fact, the only good items I could acquire outside of random drops and quest rewards were from the PvP vendors, making most of my Coruscant Commendations, a special currency for powerful gear, virtually useless.”

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