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"Oh yes...I remember you now. I also heard about what happened to Gamma Squad. I'm sorry to hear about them...they were a good group of solders."

Valek smiled. "I'm glad to see that you haven't forgotten me or the deceased. And since I'm here, I guess I'll throw myself into the fire with you guys."

"That would be me."

Valek turned in the direction of Alpha leader, and studied him. Aside from a wary eye and a cautious glare, this man had the look of a Jedi, yet, soldier? Perhaps he was exiled from the Order also? Valek couldn't tell, so he simply replied to the statement.

"Hmm, you have the look of a leader, strange how I couldn't pick you out from the others. It seems so obvious, if I was still connected to the Force, I would've probably been able to pick you out."

Valek had no qualms about revealing himself as a former Jedi. Perhaps this could make them more at ease? Or will it lead them to distrust? He was simultaneously thinking and talking, so he paused for a second to recollect his mind.

I lost good friends on Eldravin, they were like family. They weren't just a 'good group of soldiers', they were family, some of the closest friends I've had in my entire life. All those men in my squad had a different past, different story. Each had different personalities, and each were sown together. We were like a family - brothers forged in battle. But now they're gone. Pretty strange, how you never miss something, until it's gone.

He started reminiscing on the memories he had with his brothers, the worlds they saved, the Sith they killed. All leading up to the grand finale at Eldravin. Sole survivor, Valek was. One, out of an entire squad.

"To the point, I'd like to join your squad, as I've heard you're taking new recruits. However, I have my own reservations of joining a squad - despite it being the best of the best - so soon after the loss of my own."

"The Jedi I had in mind were Master Kaltas and his son, and I trust Tavaryn will be coming as well."

"And me.", muttered Valek under his breath. Was he still considered a Jedi, despite being exiled? Valek had no idea, and even though he has a new lightsaber, he rarely ever used it. Maybe it's time to change that.

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