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Ackbar meeting room

Perhaps in private with Master Skywalker? It would be better.

I don't know...Alriana sent through their link. I can sense some sort of distress through the force...I can barely sense it but it feels like something a young child would be feeling.

Alriana was a little frusterated. She could feel a slight disturbance in the force that was true but it seemed so faint...

It's easy to think of yourself but harder when you have to consider those that matter to you. However the reason I love is because of who you are. I trust you even if I do worry especially now. Part of it is... well I'll tell you later. Besides you're not the only one who knows the Sith.

Thank you. Alriana sent back as she continued to try and reach through the force towards the disturbance but she had no luck.

Abandoned Resistance Base
Kivoran System

Velra looked around the shuttle uneasily as it dropped out of hyperspace. Her skills with the force weren't much but she could still sense the emotions of those that were close enough to her.

Her force sense was telling her that she had to leave. Soon. She looked up at the controls but couldn't make heads or tails of them. There was a small control that was marked Stealth/Distress in basic and in a few other languages that she didn't recognize.

She brought her hand up and hit the control and the shuttle's lights began to dim and certain systems shut down. A voice echoed through the cabin.

"Distress mode has been activated. Shields and long range sensors are offline. Weapons are offline. Engines are online but in stealth mode. Stealth mode is online and is tied into the main engine. Life support has been tied into the main engine. Estimated time until the battery is drained, three hours"
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