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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
If not make the finishing move, I've seen people bring down dragons to the ground. It usually annoys me when I can't make the finishing move on a dragon because some guy with a troll-face shoots him with an arrow first. >:/
Quite. The game does a pretty poor job imparting why the Dragonborn should even be required to deal with the dragon menace. Small groups of noname NPCs with bows and basic spells can take them down with little problem on their own, after all.

So it mostly feels like you're dealing with the dragon threat because nobody else can be bothered to, not because nobody else can.

(Speaking of dragon difficulty, I feel it was a wasted opportunity by the developers not to keep the Slowfall magic/potion effect in the game and give dragons a grab attack where they can snatch you off the ground in mid-flight and then drop you from high above. Aside from Alduin they also seem to use surprisingly few Shouts other than the basic fire/frost breath. Shouts are supposed to be the draconic language, so even the humblest wyrmling should know them, IMO.)

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