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Teh GenoHaradan

Hey LFers,

I have a pretty crappy track record of finishing mods as well as keeping up with fellow modders. So I've buried myself in other activities to keep myself from coming back to Holowan so I wouldn't be ashamed. Unfortunately, one of those other activities involved following The Old Republic and the absolutely wonderful job they did with Revan and the Exile. This led to me running back to my dear copies of the KotOR series. This also led me to digging through some of my half-finished KotOR mods.

One of those mods was something I originally made for myself, never to be released to the public (both because Lord of Hunger had a monopoly on the GenoHaradan and because of my track record with mods) - this mod was/is a GenoHaradan encounter mod. Basically I took an empty Jekk' Jekk' Tunnels module and added Dessicus and his GenoHaradan minions to the pit. All that it ever was was the infamous encounter where Dessicus blows up the Jekk' Jekk' Tarr and everyone thinks that the Exile is dead (oh noes!).

I've searched high and low for ways to add the GenoHaradan back into the game. I didn't like the way TSLRP added them back in:
Show spoiler

And Lord of Hunger's method also seems a bit weird.
Show spoiler

Due to the nature of the GenoHaradan, it's difficult to add them into the game. Wait, let me debunk a myth on way this is the case - "It's too hard! There's not enough content left over!" No. There are plenty of lines of dialog. We have a pretty clear idea of what was supposed to happen:
  1. Basically, the GenoHaradan were replaced by the Exchange. You go to confront them in the Jekk' Jekk' Tarr.
  2. Fight.
  3. Base blows up
Now this is where things get ambiguous, and I'm not even talking about the Sion vs. Nihilus scene. Zez apparently shows up and saves the Exile from a fiery death. Was the Exile supposed to have his/her talk with Zez right then and there? Or was Visquis supposed to swoop the Exile after the explosion and bring him to Goto like a good boy? There are dialog files to suggest both explanations, and it's not unlikely that Obsidian made a change to the GenoHaradan plot before cutting it entirely. This brings me to my point: the only way to fully restore the GenoHaradan is to tweak the plot of Nar Shaddaa. Not change, tweak. There's a lot of juicy dialog just waiting to be used, and I wouldn't dare touch the integrity of the plot. Wait, I sense a question looming:


You're right. I confess that I've never completed a full playthrough with the restoration mod, I know that it changes a lot on Nar Shaddaa. Particularly the chase to rescue the Exile from the evil clutches of the Exchange. Yes, I know that I would have to leap through rings of fire above a tank of sharks to make the mod compatible with TSLCRM. That's why I'm not convinced tweaking Nar Shaddaa is the best course of action.

And here is where I present my request: Please tell me what you believe is the best way to integrate the GenoHaradan back into TSL, disregarding quantity of work and mod incompatibilities. As I said, I have some work done on the fight itself.

I'll be uploading all of my files to mediafire in the event that I disappear. First one can be found below.

-First update: Pretty complete Dessicus fight. May move to other locations. He's currently in the normally-sealed area of the Nar Shaddaa docks. (doors can now be opened)
-Update #1

Whether you want to share ideas or try out a simple Dessicus fight, thanks for your time!
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