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As I recall, the G0T0 plot-line was only developed after M478 was scrapped. As far as I can tell, the G0T0-Exchange plotline was then moved to Nar Shaddaa, and the
HK Factory
to its present location.

Your current reconstructio reminds me of what TSLRP had, except
you have two beasts where they had one giant one, and fewer GenoHaradan about; also your Dessicus is a bit less difficult to defeat, I think - there's was a bloody hard fight.

As to how to integrate the GenoHaradan... that's a tough one. So far as I can tell, they really belong to a revision of the plot that has been superceded by the one in the game. As such, there isn't really a space for them to occupy in the plot that really works, particularly with the other Nar Shaddaa cut content.

One possible option would be that
following Visquis' message, the Exile is intercepted by the GenoHaradan, and then 'rescued' by either Mira or Hanharr.
This would also beef up their reason for assisting the Exile in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr. In terms of cut content, I would place it before
the cut-scenes about the bounty hunter truce being off, and the following mosh-fight.

I would also put a encounter or two on Telos with them, just to give the player something to keep them aware that the GH are out there, and maybe seed semi-random encounters on some of the other planets, too, which appear only if the player hasn't already gone to Nar Shaddaa.
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