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Gameplay: Tanks

So my main is a Sith Warrior Juggernaut spec'd into the Immortal tree. His job is to tank, but at level 27 I've still yet to see any real potential in this roll. Vette, my medium armour wearing ranged DPS companion, is a better tank than I am. One of my alts, a level 16 Trooper Commando spec'd as DPS, has a few abilities I would kill for (plus seemingly all the benefits of both heavy armour and DPS). As a tank, my primary abilities should be absorbing damage and holding aggro. It doesn't seem I can do either very well. At halfway to the level cap, surely by now my character should have enough abilities to be at least moderately efficient at this roll.

What are the thoughts of other tank class players? How do tanks in TOR stack up? In particular SW Juggernauts and their mirror class the JK Guardians. Are they flawed, or am I just playing wrong/inefficiently? If the latter, suggestions on strategies would be appreciated.
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