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I don't know...Alriana sent through their link. I can sense some sort of distress through the force...I can barely sense it but it feels like something a young child would be feeling.

Tavaryn listened to Alriana's response and tried again to reach out. The disturbance was like that of a child. He had been around children before within the order and some were sensitive. He was well aware of their capabilities and how they could occasionally surprise you. He replied, I sense it to be a child moi chroi. Perhaps we should bring this to the attention to Master Skywalker.

"Like the GenoHaradan?"

Tavaryn gave a slight snort. He replied in the same tones, "As if I would be a part of that band of cutthroats. The Shinigami are nothing like them."

"Four Jedi Masters, one Jedi Knight, one ex-Jedi, and one Shinigami. That's a bit more reassuring."

Out loud to Komad's comment, Tavaryn replied, "I wouldn't completely discount the guardsmen. Sometimes those without the strength of the Force have done great things."

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