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Originally Posted by Sith Holocron
A suggestion - perhaps you could connect your module to Quanon's Nar Shaddaa additions - assuming that Quanon would be OK with that. That way once the Exile and party escapes, the disorientation of entering a different part of Nar Shaddaa could be kind of fun.
Using an area generated from scratch is a huge challenge that I think the majority of the community is unaware of. I don't know how Silveredge managed to fill Quanon's modules with life the way he did. It's pretty difficult to grab an exisiting module and fill it with life. Just look at the lack of content/planet mods for the KotOR series. It takes time, effort, and willpower.

Quanon's modules always look fantastic. But trying to use a completely new module to blend with the game and filling this new module with life is beyond the scope of this project. I want to restore the GenoHaradan to TSL as closely as I can to Obsidian's original vision. If I took on anymore I don't think I could handle it.

I certainly hope it will be TSLRCM compatible. (After M4-78 EP and this gets released, all that's really left to restore is Disciple's "Holocron Quest.")
Yeah, I'm going to have to have a looksy at TSLCRM's files, and also a possible chat with zbly2 and Stoney. But of course, the first milestone is to get this thing working in vanilla TSL.

Speaking of milestones: I have a few phases of this project that I'm going to be using to track my progress.

First milestone - Plan out how all the GenoHaradan content is going to work in game without actually touching KotOR tool, but instead using *drumroll* Microsoft Word (or notepad ).

Second milestone - Restore GenoHaradan content into the game. Have a completed Journal entry system that tracks everything since
Batu Rem, a GenoHaradan assassin, attacks you on Telos.

Dessicus blowing up the GenoHaradan base.

Basically have a playable version of the mod. Camera angles and scripts will be basic and bare necessities.
Third milestone - Tweaks. Add various items and unique appearances to the GenoHaradan (again, keeping this simple. I don't want to spend two days working on Dessicus' face in Photoshop when I could instead be working on a more essential part of the mod.). Scripts will become more complex, and placeable cameras will be implented.

Fourth milestone - Beta test the hell out of this thing until I'm happy with it.

Fifth milestone - Public release!

If this seems familiar, it's probably because you read Pavlos' post mortem of M4-78 found here. It's very insightful. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend giving it a read.

I'll be releasing what I have after each milestone. Hopefully I'll at least make it to the first or second milestone. I put up the original fight to show that I at least had something. I also arranged that fight when I was a naive modder who thought that I was somehow different than the rest of the pack and could finish a huge project without an organized system.

Thank you guys for the ideas. Keep them coming!
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