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Something more unique to TOR is that your companions may need an item. With loot rolls though you should stick with "Need" ONLY if your character will be equipping the item. Companions can end up using stuff you would otherwise not need(ie heavy armor when you're a smuggler, because Corso can use it). If you roll "Need" on something for your companion, your group will get mad if you end up beating the guy who can use it on their character.

Oh and under no circumstances should you say, "I'll just do a quick quest and go to bed." Especially at 10:00 on a Sunday when you work Monday through Friday... The next time you look at the time it will be midnight, and you will be NEAR finishing the quest... Not that I'm speaking from experience... Just sayin'. If anyone needs me I'll be at my desk with toothpicks holding my eyelids open.

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