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Originally Posted by Yeaimmanerd View Post
1st - Endar spire - thats the start of the game!
2nd - Taris - thats where we end up
3rd - Dantooine - cuz thats where we go lol
4th - tatooine - by the time i get done with dantooine usually i've gotten far enough with canderous, mission and bastila that they want to go there, plus i can pick up hk-47. ALSO after every planet i return to dantooine and tatooine to hunt and get some extra xp, so tatooine is very important
5th - kashyyk - at this point im wanting to get jolee so i head over there, plus after i rescue griff they want me to go to kashyyk if i choose to, also to help the story along with Big Z i head there
6th - Manaan - At some point this will be for jolee
7th - generally this is when i get picked up by saul
8th - i finish the general story with korriban, i don't really enjoy that world very much, and since bastilla is already gone she can't *not* come on this mission anyway
9th - The unknown world, this is just how the story goes
10th - star forge, i win
lol, same here

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