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Post Unusual Dantooine error - not graphics or gameplay related!

I have started to replay Kotor, just cause of the hype of TOR which is coming at Christmas. I downloaded it off Steam a while back and have played it all through before no problem.

This time however, on Dantooine I am experiencing an error which I cannot find anywhere else on the internet. As soon as I exit the Jedi Enclave for the first time to go investigate the dark side grove, it appears. I cannot proceed through any area, and cannot go back into the enclave. The transit to next area thing that comes up just doesn't come up, and there are no people/kath hounds that are usually there. I have loaded from an earlier save file (when I was in Davik's estate) and gone to Dantooine again and the same issue has appeared.

I don't think it is graphics related (I've done the usual lowering of graphics to lowest setting to avoid the lines from the sky etc) so I am at a loss to try and fix it?

Has anyone else had the same problem/anyone know of any solution that could help!?


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