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Well, got my first embarrassing group quest done. There's this Heroic Quest on Dromund Kaas called 'Saving Face', I think, which consists of taking explosives and then installing them on a panel and defending the panel from Rebel slaves. The thing is, when my group member installed the explosives, the quest changed for both of us, but somehow, when we defeated the boss, the quest didn't update and we were randomly wandering through the area. We agreed to reset the quest, but then my group member left and my heart broke. :'(

Seriously, though, anyone have idea what's the problem here? I'm just wondering, usually both members of the group need to click on quest items and such to update the quest, but here it wasn't needed. Also, it may have had to do something with the fact somebody else was involved in fighting the boss, because the health bar was greyed out. Could that have been the problem?

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