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Originally Posted by Trex View Post
At this moment, the mod stands thusly :

- Onderon/Dxun : Finished
- Etti IV : Finished
- M4-78-B : Finished.
- Telos : Finished.
- Planet X : Finished.
- Coruscant : Near finished (90%).
- Janacks : Finished.
- Mutanda : To do.
- Rhen Var and final levels : To do.
- Misc levels : To do.

Because of the way the game works, I'll have to finish all the other explorable planets first (only one of which is left. Hooray!). The final levels are all very linear, which makes them much easier to put together.

In regards to the comments on the voices, I am amazed that people think Talia sounds good. She's the computer generated voice! I am the only one who can hear the croaky mechanicalness? She might sound decent for her one line here, but it's a complete fluke. Ashley's Bastila is much better in the long run.
I can't hear it in Talia, but I can hear it in the Captain that announces the arrivals for some reason.

Also, did you get my message?

A nice song, fits them perfectly.
The Mandalorians - The Chosen Ones
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