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Tavaryn had been listening to the whole discussion and it seemed as if for the moment he had been forgotten. He didn't mind since he was used to it and he had been taught how to blend into the shadows and the like. When Kavrik volunteered his services, he was slightly wary. He could call it his protective instincts and it was his right considering that he was going to be a father and the mother wanted to go on the mission. He would feel more comfortable if family were going and possibly a brother of the order.

Finally he spoke up to Master Skywalker, "Master Jedi, might I suggest that one of the Shinigami accompany the group along with Lady Jun-la? Shinigami are capable of scouting without being seen and there is a brother available."

He sent the thought to Alriana, Perhaps you would consider having Xandros accompany you?

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