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kotor 2 pros modded into kotor 1

Hey, so most people agree that K1 has a much better story than K2, but being the later game K2 has a new and improved system. So my thought was that someone should make a mod like that for K1. (details below)

The three major things that i was thinking of of were,

A. The upgrade system (the worth of the ranged and melee combat weapon upgrades vary between weapon rather than the upgrade itself; and the lightsabers only have crystals while K2 has 3 other parts)

B. Classes (in K1 you have 3 Jedi classes and 3 non-force-user classes, while in K2 you have the prestige senses as well) the main drawback there is the lvl limit it would be hard to squash 3 sets of lvls into only 20 lvls.

C. Force powers (K2 got new force powers that i think should be available to to K1)

Alright finally I have to tell you i am no modder and will not be of much help.

PS: sorry for the bad title, naming's the hardest part for me .
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