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I was rereading my notes on the GenoHaradan.
I had gathered on this page all the material I found on the GenoHaradan.

(For those who are not aware, this is a French website about Kotor 2 - TSL and the period of the Old Republic)

An animation idea
305NAR_dlg \ dessicus.dlg

Dessicus (StrRef 113022)
Do ... You Think You Could me best? Try ... Against this your skills.

At this point, a script named "a_door305cage" is launched, but this script no longer exists.

One can imagine that, given the name of this script and the location of the Exile, a heavy grid falls from the roof, enclosing the Exile in a cage.

This could be a circular or squared cage.

The animation could be like in the movie "Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 1" when the gates fall to protect collections of Lara Croft at the time of theft of the "All-seeing eye". Something spectacular.

This would be activated by a device on the wrist or the forearm of Dessicus or on the hilt of his sword.

The GenoHaradan targets Meetra
In another vein, one wonders why the GenoHaradan as targeted Meetra.

I suggested that Revan is seeking to eliminate Meetra.

He places her at a command post from where she should not survive, at the Battle of Malachor V (as he did at this same battle, for all those, political, military or Jedi, that might be an obstacle to his ambitions).

He produces thousands of HK-50. GoTo tells us that the initial programming, which still exists, is to seek and kill Meetra.

A vision of the future, in the secret tomb of Ludo Kressh, shows Meetra confronting and defeating Revan. Therefore Revan has reasons to fear Meetra, her power and her righteousness (Meetra is in full searching for her own redemption).

Revan was approached by the GenoHaradan in Kotor 1 (a member of GenoHaradan attempt to manipulate Revan). But no one can approach the GenoHaradan, let alone afford the services of GenoHaradan, except some heads of state. You have to be at the head of an Empire, as Revan, in order to have access to secrets that allow to approach the GenoHaradan and have the means to pay for hit men of this caliber.

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