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You love her and you don’t think you can ever stop doing so. Even after all she has done and you hate yourself for it. You know that your time has come. She raises her lightsaber and plunges it into your chest. The heat is intense and you struggle to stay conscious in what you know to be your last moments. You see her eyes they are filled with something akin to regret. She loved you as well but she made her choice just as you made yours. As the darkness takes you, you are content at peace even. Flash.

You wake up on a republic warship. You know that the Sith are coming and will stop at nothing to get Bastila. You know how this turns out. You know nothing, however, of how you found yourself here again. You find yourself making your way to the escape pods. Your companion is just the help you need on this mission.

You rescue Bastila and know the way to escape from the planet. You have made it to the Sith in charge of the local government here. He tells you to embrace the dark side. You make your choice and he is killed. You escape the base and meet up with Canderous in the Lower City. You fight your way through Davik’s base and steal the Ebon Hawk.

You start to love her again. You know that she doesn’t have to turn to the dark side. You know that if you provide her with your support and love that she may have something to keep her from that darkness within herself. You hope that these aren’t just the false hopes of a broken man.

On Dantooine you are considered for Jedi training and this time you refuse. You still end up on the same mission to find the Star Maps. You know what happens to this enclave and tell the Jedi you had a vision of its destruction. You leave Dantooine and head to Tatooine to find the second map.

This is the Tatooine you remember, dusty, hot, and generally unpleasant. You fight your way through the Sand People’s enclave. You know where the map is and haven’t told her. You have felt awful stringing her along but you know that it has to be this way. With the second Star Map found, you head to Kashyyyk.

You find Jolee Bindo and he agrees to help you find a way into the lower part of the Shadowlands. You help free the Wookiees from Czerka Corporation control. You have the third Star Map and head to Manaan to find the fourth.
She has started to show her love for you again. You make a promise to her. You know that she is strong; you just hope to keep her from turning.

You know that the Leviathan is not far off. You make your way through Manaan and find your way to the Sith Embassy. You fight through the base and retrieve the data for Roland Wann. The trip down to the facility is uneventful but you know that this is the easy part. You cut your way through dozens of insane Selkath. The harvester is destroyed and the fourth Star Map is found. You know that Malak’s apprentice is blocking the only safe way out of the facility. Bandon is killed and you are off to Korriban to find the final Star Map.

She loves you and this time you know it will make a difference. You want to tell her everything you know about the mission but you know that nothing is set. You are interrupted by the Leviathan knowing that this is the beginning of the end.
You try to make your way through the ship as fast as you can. You have made it out but Bastila has been captured. You make your way to Korriban to find the fifth and final Star Map.

You made sure to find the Star Map as quickly as possible. You have the location of the Star Forge and head off to the coordinates that you have obtained.

You know that she is close. You helped the Elders and by doing so, you have gained access to the temple that dominates the grassy plain that you are in.

You are on the Star Forge and you know she will make the right choice this time.

First written: 6:42 AM

Feedback would be appreciated.

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