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Originally Posted by TTLan View Post
At this point, a script named "a_door305cage" is launched, but this script no longer exists.

One can imagine that, given the name of this script and the location of the Exile, a heavy grid falls from the roof, enclosing the Exile in a cage.

This could be a circular or squared cage.

The animation could be like in the movie "Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 1" when the gates fall to protect collections of Lara Croft at the time of theft of the "All-seeing eye". Something spectacular.

This would be activated by a device on the wrist or the forearm of Dessicus or on the hilt of his sword.
The script "a_door305cage.nss" exists. This is what I get when I decompile it.

void main() {
	object o305Cage = GetObjectByTag("305Cage", 0);
	SetLocked(o305Cage, 0);
	DelayCommand(1.0, AssignCommand(o305Cage, ActionOpenDoor(o305Cage)));
I'm pretty sure the big door was supposed to open, revealing the Kath Hounds or some other beasts the player had to fight.

I suggested that Revan is seeking to eliminate Meetra.
God forbid I use The Old Republic as an argument, but Revan and the Exile worked together in Revan (the novel) as well as in ToR. In addition, the HK-50 units were supposed to hunt down Jedi, not just the Exile in particular.

I don't think that Revan even knew of the Exile's journey. He was hanging out with the "True Sith" during the events of The Sith Lords.

I appreciate the ideas, but I'm afraid they don't fit into the GenoHaradan that I am creating.
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