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I'm not the best source, but since this is the first question asked in this thread, I’m not really sure anyone is the best source as I still don’t understand the mechanics of social points completely.

However, what I’ve noticed… My main character has like one social point (1/10). Got that one point (or 1/10 point) on the first planet when I played the heroic area and a other couple quests with a group. I’m pretty sure I got the point for winning a conversation roll. Other than killing a few eliets in groups, I played solo.

My other character, which is only finished the first planet, has Social: Social 1 232/750, but with that character I’ve only played in a qroup (100% with Lynk). Pretty sure it also has to do with gear rolls, but both Lynk and I were pretty good at letting each other pick what we wanted. I don’t know if we ever did a gear roll.

I know you can also win multiple conversations in a row. Either that or Lynk hacked the system because I know he won 3 in a row.

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Social points can be used to gain access to social gear provided by the social vendor. It's mainly for role play type stuff from what I can see.
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