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So, long time no post again. College has kept me busy, but I'm back for break at least!

I know this is completely unrelated to anything I've been doing, but I was working on a fun little mod for k1 today. You know the instruments the bith play in cantinas and stuff? I know you can use them as blaster pistols and all, but that just doesn't fit to me, so I made them new items as a sonic weapon, that plays music and shoots music notes along with the sonic 'rings'. I'll try to get some screenshots up soon.

And also, Merry Christmas, everyone!

EDIT: Alright, got most of it finished up I think and some screenies. But first, some info. I have all four instruments the Bith had; The sax/guitar (depending on what file you look at), the clarinet, the trombone, and the accordian. However, I didn't think that was very Star Wars-like, so I looked up some star wars music instruments and matched them as closely as I could. They're not perfect, but the best I could do. If anyone knows any more accurate instruments for them please do let me know. Anyways, they are now the chidinkalu, the kloo horn, the slitherhorn, and the bandfill, respectively. I know the last one's a stretch, but no more than 'accordian' They have various music related ammo, and play music clips when fired.

Some visuals:
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Chidinkalu (Bith Sax/Guitar)
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Kloo Horn (Bith Clarinet)
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Slitherhorn (Bith Trombone)
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Bandfill (Bith Accordian)
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All I can think of that needs done is adding attributes, and it'd be nice if I could make my own on-hit properties, then I could make the enemies break out in dance or something! Anybody know if new on-hit's are possible?? Edit: I figured this out! Now they have an attribute just like stun, but dancing! Through a very roundabout way of scripting....

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