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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
Ah. I had thought you'd just unlock schematics automatically as you levelled. I can see this is going to cost a hojillion dollars. My wallet is still stinging from the 210K I just forked out for the tier 2 speeder training at level 40.
Also, your trainer only sells you GREEN schematics.

To unlock BLUE and PURPLE versions of items schematics you have to reverse engeneer items. A lot.

I'm not sure if there are any other factors that make the discovery of Blue and Purple schematics easier, so far it's been very random. A level 7 Red color crystal took me one time to learn the blue schematic. I still don't have the level 7 Blue color crystal schematic and I've dismantled countless crystals.

So basiclly, I go about it like this:

1)Build 2 of Item (green)
2)Reverse Engeneer each and hope I learn the (blue) schematic

If not, repeat steps one and two.
If so, then:

1)Build 2 of Item (blue)
2)Reverse Engeneer each and hope I learn the (purple) schematic

In therory there is a color above that (dark purple) but I haven't had the balls to tear apart my purple items to find out. At best you get about 50% of the materials back but sometimes it's less.

And fetching all the items for one Purple schematic can be very costly and time consuming. I have a purple schematic for a level 31 Enhancement. It took me 4 hours until my companions brought back the right combination of parts before I could build it. (Fracking Krayt Pearls are hard to come by)

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