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Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
Especially true since you're in the military. From what I've seen, divorces often end up a good deal worse for the soldier than the spouse. I'd recommend holding off on the most serious commitments until you've spent more time in the military, and seen whether the relationship can survive with the unavoidable extra stresses the military life provides.
this. and who knows, R15 could be being a disrespectful ass :P

Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
I'd have to disagree. If you feel like you need a pre-nup, you shouldn't get married. However, people should get them despite their feelings. Weird, horrible, unforeseeable things happen to good people all the time, and it's not always either party's fault. Wanting to prepare for the worst, most unlikely eventualities is not an expression of a lack of trust. Hell, my wife is one of maybe 3 people on this planet I trust almost completely.
pretty much. nothing wrong with a prenup, but if you feel you NEED one, then you shouldnt get married.

although I'm unsure what a prenup would get them. from the sounds of it R15 doesnt exactly have alot of stuff, and its all premarital assets anyways. divorce doesnt get messy till you have kids
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