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Level 25, smuggler, scoundrel (Healer)

Alright, think I’ve gotten this healer stuff down fairly well when it comes to fighting a boss. Can pretty much survive a single boss with no problem at all. Even a strong and an elite isn’t all that difficult (unless one notices me right away). My real problem is when there are three strong or above enemies. The third will always comes after me and by the time I’ve killed him, my companion is either dead or beyond saving.

Any tips for how to survive those encounters or other tips for a healer would be appreciated.

Like in a group, I know I need to heal everyone, but who is top priority? I assume it is the Tank, is that right?

Haven’t decided my feelings on a healer, it gets really frustrating in some battles. I’m pretty sure I’ve never played a game where I never did any damage in a boss battle until this past weekend. I spent the entire battle healing Bowdaar. Battle went fine just kind of annoying that it took forever. It would help if I could see the enemy’s health bar while healing my companion. At least it would let me know when it was safe to join in. Maybe there is, anyone know of a setting?

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