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Sith Warrior Story - 'A Threat Leveled' *spoilers*

Ok, so I've really enjoyed the game so far, up until last night when I hit what seems to be a brick wall.

I'm a level 24 Marauder (using the carnage tree), and I've been given the quest 'A Threat Leveled' (Level 24 quest) by Darth Baras.

So, I head to the orbital monitoring station as ordered, and start to clear the station, making my way to the communications deck, and a conversation with a holographic Nomen Karr.

It's after that, though, that I've been having serious trouble with - the Republic Commando squad (made up of two ordinary level enemies and two strong enemies) that I'm supposed to defeat slaughters me near instantly.

The best I've been able to do is get only one of the strong enemies down to half health before being killed, and I've tried it five times now. I've wasted 6k on stims, medpacs, and repairing my equipment and all that bought me was a couple of extra seconds of being beaten to death.

I've even tried killing the ordinary level enemies in the hope that would at least make it slightly easier to deal with the two strong enemies when I respawn, but they respawned as quickly as I did.

Does anyone have any suggestions at all as to how I'm supposed to win this one?

Any help would be appreciated.
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