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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post

Like in a group, I know I need to heal everyone, but who is top priority? I assume it is the Tank, is that right?
First of all, assess how good and bad your group is. I've noticed some fundamental floors in almost all the people I've encountered in groups, PVP and PVE.

People are attacking multiple elite bosses at the same time, instead of singling out targets. Supposed tanks are trying to kite and line of sight targets, and often times running out of the instance and resetting the battle, DPS'ers are misusing their skills and dragging aggro from the tanks... Its basically a Nightmare lol.

But anyway.
1) Keep yourself alive, if your not healed, no one is healed
2) Support the people who are attempting to follow the plan and complete the task at hand.

PVE is pretty straight forward heal yourself, heal the tank stay out of the fire, and pray the DPS posse stick to the plan. But In PVP, the group should attempt to kill the oppositions Healers first, their death will mean a quick demise for their DPS, the Tanks do less damage and can wait to be picked off last.

I find a lot of people trying to single out their opposite number (ie; Gunslinger vs Operative) for some epic showdown, or the whole group trying to kill the Tank.. who by the way is happy to stand there and get healed by the full health medic as the DPS in his group kill you all uninterrupted.

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