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Originally Posted by istry555 View Post
Hi, I only recently found this thread and want to thank you for the great work with the posters. I've already had a few printed and love them.

I have a small request if anyone has time, if not no big deal.

For the Monkey Island 2 posters, could someone take the logo (+number) from the logo version of the poster and impose it on the non logo version of the poster. I know this seems redundant but the no logo version of the poster has more detail and better coloring than the two versions with the logo. I really want to print out the best image for my poster as MI2 is my favorite game, but also want the logo on it. If not, or this isn't possible, thanks anyway.
Nah. While you're right that the logoless version looks a bit better, I doubt it's worth the effort, as the logo version till looks fine when printed. Also I'm lazy

Originally Posted by ChefOfDeath View Post
Hi, I would like to print out the Simon the Sorcerer ones, but no link works. Could you upload them again?
There are links to direct downloads at the top of the opening post.

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