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TOR ate my KotOR
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Alright I had to have a non-TOR player show me how to see how long I've played the game.

So for those new to MMOs, what are the chat commands and what do they do?

Ones I have so far: (for the noobs, like me, these are typed into the chat box)

/played - tells you how long you've played (not sure if it is total time or just for that character).

/S -Say (not sure if you have to type a name here or not. Anyone know?)

/Y - Yell (same as above)

/W other players name send a private message to another player.

/General (also /1) - General Chat

/G - Chat with guild member only

/Who other players name look for someone

/PVP (or /2) - Pvp chat

/Trade (or /3) - Trade Chat

Whatelse you got?

Edit: May have found them all. Nice thread for on the bioware forum. Answers my own question...

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