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Just to help in the future, that mapping problem happens to me when I resetxform a lot of the time. What I do is resetxform before I even apply the UVWMap modifiers. After I'm done skinning, I save the UVWMap. I resetxform again and (sometimes it doesn't even mess up) when it messes up again I just apply the UVWMap I had just saved and it works fine. I hope that confusing mess I just wrote helps a little haha...

The model looks great in-game. My only suggestions are that you should check on the lighting; check this thread out and make sure to check out both solutions:

Also I think you should look into adding some slight metal shaders for the models. If you don't know how to do that, just use the forum search for something like "shiny texture", "txi", "CM_baremetal", or something

Good job though, I'm liking the models a lot.

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