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I've apparently logged 227 hours in this game so far. Almost all with one character. (I've started a few characters, but they are mainly waiting in Riverrun until I want them) Unbelievable - I'm still finding new places - caves, towers, etc.

I'm playing a sneaky, dark elf archer with one-handed and magic backup. Also loving the smithing and enchanting. Alchemy gets a little dull, though.

Would love to chat about the civil war quest line, but in depth discussion will have to await another day when my head is clearer. I also went with the Stormcloaks for the first game. Pretty sure the Jarl only fought against the stormcloaks because he couldn't stand Ulfric. Gerdur mentioned that there was bad blood between the two of them. The old Gray-Mane who became Jarl after was great though.

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