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I've been playing it (TFU:USE) for a bit on my new laptop (and I started with the latest patch right off the bat, as I got the game not too long ago) and so far I've noticed:

Occasionally there's a bit of slowdown as you enter a new area (and it autosaves and spawns in a bunch of new enemies/boss). Granted, I usually play music in the background and there's a slight stutter as it loads a new track as well.

Occasionally enemies will be invisible (and no, not just the ones with "stealth" technology), and the sky will be missing its texture (making the infamous "hall of mirrors" effect). A reload fixes this.

I've occasionally gotten "stuck" on architecture, such that I had to restart from an earlier save point. I've seen enemies get stuck occasionally as well, but that just makes them easier to kill!

The game has crashed once or twice back to the desktop.

A few times I'll fire up the game and it will be stuttering and everything will be super choppy. Restarting the game fixes it.

It's also funny that some video/cutscenes are completely unskippable, but others, even if you press an arrow key or something, are instantly skipped (a few times I did this accidentally and missed a ton of stuff, thankfully you can view the cutscenes in the menu or watch them on youtube if you must catch up).

The game plays smooth though and looks great generally. I barely notice the 30 fps framerate cap.

I've been able to run my gamepads with this game thanks to Joy2Key, which is great, so I'm not forced to use one of the (few) controllers it officially supports.

Overall, I like the gimmicky use of the Force, and the story is kind of interesting (I'm about halfway through the main campaign), but I prefer Jedi Outcast/Academy's tighter use of the Force and sabers overall. But it can be a lot of fun in places, just blowing people away and picking up objects to toss around. Really wish there was a multiplayer option (I'd even take the bare bones Wii version's MP).

Back on topic, is there a way to give Vader any new powers or techniques other than what he starts with by default?

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