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First I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this :3 and that this is still an Active Thread, most that I have found died years ago .

My friend just bought me KotOR & KotORII for the PC (super gift xD).
Which was awesome, I loved playing KotOR on the XBox

Anyway, My laptops' OS is Win. 7, so obviously some issues via compatibility. I'll Try the fixes that are here in the thread, & I'm hoping something works xD.

Are there any that are known to work for sure with Win. 7 ?
Right now after patching KotOR when I launch the game it goes through the Lucas arts & Bioware logos then crashes.
(havent had a chance to read through the entire thread yet xD)

Also is it normal for KotORII to install as Version 2.0?

with it being that way I can't use any of the updates or patches and I did know if it was normal.

I'm also assuming that They are just the original releases of the game, since the cases don't have anything stating otherwise:

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