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It looks good, although the rifles seem a bit too large, maybe scaling them down a bit would help? Also, some rifles such as Jurgan Kalta's assault rifle and the Mandalorian assault rifle look a little too similar to the light repeating blaster rifle. Perhaps you could include the sidescope that was on the regular blaster rifle.
This may sound like an excuse, however I deliberately left off the scope to highlight the fact that it's an assault rifle and not a marksman rifle. Also it's little visual features like these that I like, to make each weapon feel like it belongs in a class yet each weapon feel different in some way. I appreciate the insight, however.

At the moment I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I'm trying to do a model for the heavy repeater but the original just looks so weird and the design is just not very good. It's basically a box with a long tube on it, so I may have to adapt some form of my own design.
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