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I decided to watch the moon fall behind the mountains which happened just before midnight. Counted down by my lonesome. Bought some munchies, and went out for an adventure.

Went joyriding all over, decided to try to come home at about 2:45AM, road home was blocked, waited 15 minutes, got word the road would continue to be blocked until 5:00AM. Crime scene.

Had to decide if I was going to find some place to park and sleep in my car for however long to bypass the 2 hour wait, or if I was going to go back down the mountain around to the next route up the hill which would bring me out approximately 1/4 of a measly mile down the road just ahead of the blocked off area saving myself maybe just under 1 hour of that wait time.

Tough call. Seeing as how tourists and vandals are in this area even at this hour and I'm wired as hell... Sleeping is just not an option.
1 hour 6 minutes later and a quarter of a gas tank less...Ohhh kay.

Now I'm on my way home, it's just a little bit after 4:00 AM. I finally get home about 4:20 AM and get to bed.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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