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Those look cool. I thought of doing something similar to this a long time ago (as part of my species feats mod, if you choose Bith, there is a locker with instruments in it, but they didn't work as well as yours). The custom "bullets" are a great touch, and the on hit dance party sounds like a riot

For the broken Bandfill, would it look more unique if it were a "stun baton" and used those animations instead? It would be more like a musical taser, and you could probably still make it use the on hit dance animation

The only other thing I can think of, is to somehow have the PC use the Bith band animations for playing the 3 horn type instuments (but that's probably asking too much). I don't think that those animations are part of any super model (unique to the Bith model?).

Anyway, great work

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