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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
You offer to help Astor, but when I hit a snag with my smuggler, I didn't hear any volunteering going on.

***runs off and cries***

With Astor here, it is way more satisfying to get it done on your own.
Medpacs/Stims I need no medpacs and Stims. Im seeing some advantage to this heeler stuff. FINALLY
Definitely agree there. The healing is very nice. When I was playing as a slinger, I needed C2-N2 to do a lot of stuff. Yes, he's a healer. Yes, he's also stupid enough to go right up to the biggest meanest baddie and start punching him. C2 was the only way I was able to beat some stuff as a gunslinger(he wears heavy droid armor, if you are not a healer, it's worth it to invest in kitting him out in all the best armor you can get). There are also crafted med-packs that can heal you and your companion.

General strategy on these types of fights, Stun or otherwise immobilize one of the "strongs" and ignore the other and go after the weaker ones. They generally do more damage. Avoid area attacks. The strong takes long enough to take down that you will be killed by the weaker ones and their high damage. Use your armor break on the strong when you start to attack him(if you have it). Apply as many DOT(Damage over Time) abilities as you can. As a healer I prefer to lead with my pet and let them soak up the damage. But then I can heal it all away.

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