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Originally Posted by darth-ackbar View Post
Some Party Members:
Kaila Atis: This woman works as a freelance mercenary, and she is known across the galaxy for her impeccable covert skills and her ownership of the fastest ship in the galaxy, the Ebon Hawk.*

Yaru Nesh: This duros has worked as technician for Vella the hutt for most of his life, and his father before him. When Vella's palace is overthrown, he becomes one of the few survivors. Although not known for his loyalty, he is a man of his word and serves as a mechanic aboard the Ebon Hawk, he's not bad with a blaster either.*
Hmm... sounds familiar:
Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
Kaila Saris
age 20-26
Pilot/ smuggler

She was arrested transporting arms to the exchange. When your party escapes the Republic's ship, she will fly you to Natta Huttís space station. She is confronted by her contact about her failure. You will be given a side quest to go to a planet and get some arms and bring them to the space station. The Exchange will attack Natta Hutt and take over the station completely. You can do this or double cross your contact and tell Natta Hutt and aid him in getting rid of the exchange from the space station.

Nindo Bahr
Male/ species-Duros
Mechanic, tech upgrades

Nindo Bahr is expert in creating new weapons. He can alter your armor and weapons. The Duro has a dark humor to him. He is Kailaís smuggling partner. Nindo actually worked on the Ebon Hawk back when it was owned by Davik. His father was Davikís top mechanic. Nindoís father died on Taris when the Sith attacked. Nindo survived the attack along with a few friends and his mother. Nindo then started to work on a new ship using the basic design of the Ebon Hawk. Kaila and Nindo meet up and start working for the Hutts as well as the Exchange
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you shouldn't use the names and characters that you're proposing, I just find it humorous that the Kaila name sounds so similar. Is it a reference to a celebrity or someone on Wookieepedia or something that I'm unaware of?

I also fully understand how choosing the species of party members can be limited. A Duros mechanic on a starship just makes sense. At first glance, I thought that Yaru Nesh's father worked for Vella the Hutt (which would be similar to our Nindo Bahr's history with his father working for Davik). On second read, I take it that Yaru Nesh worked for both Vella and Vella's father, right? That's different enough for a large Star Wars galaxy.

Originally Posted by darth-ackbar View Post
Dustil Onasi: Dustil has reverted to his dark side ways, and is terrorizing Sleheyron city. Having already been turned to the light side, only to revert back, Dustil will be hard to recruit. He has much the same personality as what you see in K1, but his appearance is much older and looks a bit more like Carth.*

HK-47: Unlike in TSL, HK is more than happy to reveal secrets about Revan when you meet him. It seems that ten years of solitary confinement have taken their toll. HK is now more crazed than he was in previous games (if that's even possible). Although his assassination protocols are still in working order.*

Jek: Jek is a mandalorian, he tends to think of his fellow crew members as a lesser species and himself as mandalore. He has a dark humor and gets along with HK very well. Given enough time, he starts to warm to you and will eventually give you the means to talk to mandalore.*

Builder Droid: The very same gatekeeper that Revan found 20 years earlier, this droid is more than willing to join you. This guy packs a serious punch, as you will remember from the other droids in the ancient ruins. He also knows things about Revan and the Infinite Empire which could prove vital in your search...

The 9th party member I will keep secret, at least until nearer the release date.*
Again, familiar:
Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
Ancient Builder droid:
The Droid will be found in the ruins on Corellia. The droid will be damaged but you can find parts to fix the droid. The droid will argue with HK-47. The droidís side quest will be about the history of the Infinity Empire and a secret chamber which can be discovered if you fix the droid to 100 percent. The Droid will aid you in your quest.
You find the broken droid on Corellia but only after you get to Duro that you find a similar droid with the piece which can be used to make the droid full operational. After Corellia you can have the droid in your party.


Dustil Onasi:
(Male/ species- human)

You will only be able to meet and recruit Dustil if Revan was light side in kotor1. Dustil will not be a force user when you meet him. You can convince him to go back to the force and either becomes a dark side or light side user. You will come across him in the game after Duro. He will over hear you talking about Revan. Dustil has been working in the area of future trade routes. He will work for the Czerka Corporation which wants to expand its trade in the galaxy. Dustil has given up the use of the force. If you decide to retrain Dustil in the force he will start with a few basic powers. You can also decide to keep Dustil as a non force user. Dustil could be a love interest for the female PC. Later in the game you can reunite Dustil with his father Carth at the end of the game.
When you meet Revan, Dustil will thank Revan for saving him from the Sith. You can also push Dustil feeling for his father in a favorable light or unfavorable. This will affect the ending when Dustil meets Carth.
Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
Male/ species- Mandalorian

He was seen in kotor2. The character will be on a secret mission for Mandalore. You will find Kelborn on Rattatak. Kelborn will confront you after your second battle in the Cauldron/ battle arena. He will later tell you that Mandalore is rebuilding the clans as well as their military strength these past 7-10 years. You will come across some old war machines on Duro.

HK-47 (droid)
a.k.a. HI-52

HK-47 will be found on the Huttís space station. He has been sent out by his master Revan to keep tabs on the criminal organizations. You will need HK-47 in order to read and understand your Masterís journal. HK-47 will help you in finding your former Masterís contact. The droid will be its normal violent self. HK-47 will have a different name when you meet him. This alias allows him to infiltrate the Hutts and the Exchange. He will have a new skin body.
Hey, Mandalorians and HK-47 are fan favourites, so including them is a no-brainer. Dustil is another (although lesser known) favourite to a lot of players, so including him is a treat. Again, the number of usable models available to choose from provide limits; the builder droid is a cool looking model, and it's history is tied in with Revan's discovery of the Star Forge. It'll be fun and interesting to see how you develop your characters so that they are unique and distinguisable. The worst thing that could happen is that if people compare your characters with ours, and then start a rediculous "this party is better than that party" war. Personally, I think that each set already has just enough differences (beside the Kaila Saris/Atis name) to be considered distinct. I'm betting that they will become even more different as your story and characterizations develop.

I wish you good luck with your mod

( As long as no one PM's you with a female Zeltron bounty hunter named Avinah Tanis wearing a leather outfit as the contest character )

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