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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
General strategy on these types of fights, Stun or otherwise immobilize one of the "strongs" and ignore the other and go after the weaker ones. They generally do more damage. Avoid area attacks. The strong takes long enough to take down that you will be killed by the weaker ones and their high damage. Use your armor break on the strong when you start to attack him(if you have it). Apply as many DOT(Damage over Time) abilities as you can. As a healer I prefer to lead with my pet and let them soak up the damage. But then I can heal it all away.
I did have Mav and Lynk come to my rescue later as I could get past the last class quest on Tatooine. Since then I believe I have this killing stuff down or at least manageable. It requires a lot more planning and patience than I normally had. Gotten really good at judging stealth distance and using tranquilizers, been doing as you wrote and stunning the strongest. Also doing a better job of controlling my Wookiee and telling him to attack the same enemy has me. Once I get to final strong, I heal up myself before ordering the Wookiee in. Then just take my time healing my Wookiee.

Think I’m going to write a song titled “Healing my Wookiee.”

I’ve gotten pretty good at this, took out the final boss Act 1 smuggler without firing a shot. The Wookiee literally beat the guy to death while all I did was heal my Wookiee.

Don’t have in armor breaks or DOTs…do have the some stuns. Good enough healer to keep my Wookiee alive, as long as I can keep the bad guys and gals off of me. If you have stuns and you use the Wookiee you may want to check and see if the Wookiee is breaking your stuns. He was mine, so I turned that ability of his off.
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